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Why This Vet Tech Went Virtual

By October 10, 2020May 8th, 2023One Comment

Since I launched Virtual VetTechs 3 months ago, I think I’ve talked about myself more than I have in years. I get it! You want to know who you’ll be working with, and why I’m amazing (because I absolutely am!) So I’d like to introduce you to…. me.

I’m Jenica Veley, a registered veterinary technician (RVT) from an itty-bitty town in Northern Ontario, Canada. I grew up on a dairy farm owned and managed by my dad, and I watched my veterinarian mom build her practice from the ground up.

As I got older, I helped out with my mom’s business calls and around the farm. I’ve always loved connecting with people and am sure that made for some memorable phone conversations when I was younger. Around 12 or so, I started helping out in my mom’s vet clinic, and I learned quite a bit about how much support vets really need.

I watched my mom work through some tough times, and saw the difference it made when she had truly supportive staff who had her back. I also saw how much joy it brought her to connect with her patients and their parents. Her passion and drive to give her best to every patient is what I remember most about growing up.

I loved being a part of her support system, one that every vet needs in place. So I went to Northern College and graduated as a Veterinary Technician. I took my registration exam shortly afterwards and officially became a registered veterinary technician (RVT) in 2008.

While I was doing that, my mom was growing her practice. It was exciting to be part of so many conversations about management and organization! I absolutely loved working in my mom’s thriving practice and learning from both her and the technicians.

My mom believed that vet clinics should be like ‘Cheers’, where everybody knows your name… and I agree.

Shortly after my mom passed away in 2010, I moved to London, Ontario with my husband, joined a newer vet practice and started a family. Again, I had the opportunity to learn about growing a practice and how to support vets through the growth. After 6 years, I moved to a mobile practice to join a vet I had previously worked with. Together with another team member, we launched a base hospital to go with his mobile practice. All those management talks came in handy and I really enjoyed supporting another wonderful veterinarian in growing his business.

I’m sure you’re wondering ‘what has this got to do with going virtual?’ I’m so glad you asked! I worked in many different practices over the last 14 years, and I’ve loved it. I truly enjoyed my co-workers, the patients, the clients and becoming an awesome RVT.

However, over time, I started to see the same issue in each practice I worked in. In newer, mobile or quieter practices, vets had to minimize their support staff to keep costs manageable. That usually left everyone overextending themselves to try to fill the gaps, and not always succeeding.

I kept thinking, there should be a solution for this. One day, I realized, maybe I could be the person to come up with the solution.

That was the day Virtual VetTechs was born… well the concept was, The idea boiled in the back of my mind for years. Over time, I started to meet people working in the virtual world, and my idea started to grow and develop. After I got pregnant with my third baby (a bit of a surprise after 7 years!) I decided that it was time to make my dreams a reality. I started researching and doing what I could to learn about being a virtual assistant. I was going to launch after my baby was born… then the COVID shutdown happened. I knew that if I was ever going to make the leap, I was going to have to trust that I was making the right choice no matter the situation.

So I leaped, and Virtual VetTechs came into being. Now, 3 months after launching, and 1.5 months after starting to work with my first client, I know I made the right choice.

Virtual VetTechs is a service for veterinarians that I created with the skills I used working every day. I help vets stay in contact with clients in many different ways while also keeping them from becoming overwhelmed.

Having worked in a northern vet practice, a larger southern Ontario city practice, and a mobile practice, I have experienced a variety of different situations, and am able to provide compassionate support and direction for clients. I can comfortably use and translate medical terminology, and know where my role as an RVT fits as a support for Veterinarians. I feel right at home and am so grateful for the wonderful people I am meeting and working with.

I also have plans to grow my business, which include bringing more wonderful and experienced RVT’s on to my team and expanding my hours. I aim to create a personalized experience by having a compassionate, supportive, and knowledgeable RVT dedicated to each veterinarian.

I was blessed to be raised by a truly gracious and passionate mother, and a wonderful veterinarian. In a way, I feel that Virtual VetTechs honours her memory and experiences by helping clients to feel heard and vets to reach their goals while maintaining their sense of self.

October is a month for Thanksgiving (In Canada) and it is also my mom’s birth month. So I am grateful for both the many invaluable lessons I learned from her, and for the opportunity to honour her memory in a way I think she would love.

Send me an email or book an appointment to find out more!

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