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How Virtual VetTech can help you be more successful

By July 9, 2020May 9th, 2023No Comments

If you’re reading this, then you are wondering why does a veterinarian need a virtual vet tech? That’s a great question! For a long time, it didn’t seem like going virtual was possible for our industry. Lately, the way practices are managed has changed and the online world has become a wonderful way to connect with our clients in a new way. Here are some ways that you can use Virtual VetTech to improve your services and impress your clients.

1-By delegating your administrative tasks and social media management to Virtual VetTech, you can reclaim your time and focus on your patients. Your most valuable commodity is time and an experienced Registered Vet Tech (RVT) is a trusted resource that will allow you to relax knowing we are as invested in helping your business grow as you are.

Administrative tasks include many types of client communications, maintaining medical records, managing client concerns, education and more. If you have an idea of something you’d like done, contact Virtual VetTech and find out how we can help.

2-Saving money and getting excellent service is the goal for every entrepreneur. Working with Virtual VetTech will cost you less than hiring traditional office staff and you get experienced RVT’s with exceptional customer relation skills.

Why does working with us cost less? Virtual VetTech charges you a set monthly retainer fee for the hours you want covered. You don’t need to provide equipment or an office for us, to pay EI, provide training or health insurance. As a bonus, you can schedule us to cover you when needed.

3-Something that has become very clear, is that people expect a lot from their vets. Virtual VetTechs are here to make sure you can get everything done without being overwhelmed.

If you aren’t achieving the goals you had set for yourself, then Virtual VetTech can help you with that. You can delegate tasks or communications to a reliable and responsible RVT and feel confident it will be handled the way you want. This gives you time to focus on the the goals you want to achieve and the important people in your life, giving you a better work-life balance.

4-Managing an online presence is considered the norm for businesses today. One of the fastest ways to feel overwhelmed is try and maintain your online presence while trying to grow your business. Virtual VetTech can create and maintain an online presence for you using various social media platforms. We create the graphics, find the quotes and put them online following a schedule approved by you. Getting sucked down the digital rabbit hole is no longer something you have to worry about.

5-Experience matters! With Virtual VetTech, you’ll be getting a trained RVT who is knowledgeable about the veterinarian industry. In our initial planning session, we make sure we understand how you want your calls, texts and emails answered. We create a process to streamline our services and personalize them for you. Our expertise and professionalism will make sure every contact your clients have with your clinic or veterinary services is a positive one.

Virtual VetTech was born out of a desire to fill the gap in veterinary services between what we want to offer and what we’re able to offer. Client communication matters so much in the veterinarian field, make sure you have someone who is as passionate to do it right as you are. With Virtual VetTech, we want to do an amazing job for you because when you do well, so do we!

Contact us if you have more questions about how we can help your practice.