Meet the Team

Jenica Veley, VT

After working in the veterinary field for 12 years, Jenica noticed there was a gap in how veterinarians were able to connect with their clients. She decided to branch out on her own as a professional Virtual Vet Tech. That’s when Virtual Vet Techs was born.

Andie Dye, Administrative Assistant

Andie worked with Jenica for 3 years to launch a base hospital to go with a mobile practice. At that practice, she looked after the clinic’s administrative duties: ordering, finances, appointment booking, client care, and also worked as an assistant. Following this, she left to attain her general diploma in office administration and is currently finishing her diploma in executive administration.

Josee Nixon, RVT

Licensed with Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians, OAVT

Josee has been working in the Veterinary field since 2007 & has learned a lot about client communications over the years. In the last few years, she has also been triaging for her practice while they’re on call. She loves what she does & is excited to help vets in a new way!

Kelly Reece, RVT

Licensed with Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians, OAVT

Kelly Graduated in 2008 and dedicated her career to small animal general practice where she has certifications in triaging, CPR/first aid,and  nutrition. She now specializes with Mobile End of life Veterinary Services. Being in clinical practice for 14 years taught her the importance of compassion and patience we all need when we have to say goodbye to our fur babies. Her Being able to transition from Clinical Practice to Virtual Vet techs has been a huge positive and meaningful change to her life and career.

Brandy Teall, RVT

Licensed with Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians, OAVT

Brandy graduated as an RVT in 2005. In 2017 she took a work break to focus on being present with her children. She continued to stay involved in vet med through continuing education and recently rejoined the industry through Virtual VetTechs. When she isn’t busy volunteering or taking care of her children, she can often be found hiking with her dog, horseback riding with friends, reading, and knitting.

Rhianne Hallows, RVT

Licensed with Manitoba Veterinary Technician Association, MVTA

Rhianne has been working as an RVT since 2014 and is Fear Free Certified. She took an interest in veterinary nutrition not long after, which resulted in creating a new service for her small animal clinic by being the Nutritional Advocate. Along with her nutrition knowledge, Rhianne is a compassionate caregiver. She enjoys spending time with her own “fur family”, indulging in reality TV with her husband, and enjoys painting, writing, and taking care of houseplants.

Amy Laframboise, RVT

Licensed with Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, ABVMA

Having left the field in 2017 after 8 years of working as a tech, Amy is back to her first love. She is passionate for animal care and client care/communications. Joining the VVT team has given her the chance to combine her first love (animal medicine) with her most recent love, virtual assistance. She is excited to be back!

Arlene McIntyre, RVT

Licensed with Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians, OAVT

Arlene graduated from Ridgetown College in 2001 and spent many wonderful years in small animal practice. She moved into ophthalmology referral practice where I had an opportunity to learn new skills and work with a variety of species, including a polar bear! In her spare time, she loves cooking, gardening and spending time with her family.

Christine Welton, RVT

Licensed with Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians, OAVT

Christine became a Vet Tech in 2009 and has never loved or enjoyed anything so much. She has worked in clinics since 2004, and has
learned so much. While not working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, pets, kayaking, belly dancing and being outdoors!

Dianne Lopez, CVT

Certified with New Hampshire Veterinary Technician Association, NHVTA

Dianne has been a CVT since 2004 working in both small animal pracitce and emergency and surgery. She served for 10 years on her local VTA board and has certifications in nutrition and Fear Free. She left general practice in 2021 to pursue a new path editing podcasts and creating social media graphics for pet professionals. Dianne onboards the our new veterinary practices and does the behind the scenes marketing for VVT’s.

Amanda Jackson, CVT

Certified with Florida Veterinary Medical Association, FVMA

Amanda began working at a kennel when she was 14 and worked her way up to become a CVT. Her heart and soul are in Shelter/Disaster Medicine with her main focus being small animal medicine. With that, she has worked in several clinics through the years perfecting her skill set as a nurse and leader in Veterinary Medicine. She loves gardening, game nights, volleyball, watching NFL (GO BUCS!), horror movies and true crime, working on her ’96 Bronco, and of course spending time with her family.

Michelle Bellinger, RVT

Licensed with Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians, OAVT

Michelle is a Registered Veterinary Technician with over 20 years of experience in the veterinary field, with the most experience focused on emergency medicine and critical care. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys hiking with her family and their three dogs, making art and curling up with any book she can get her hands on.