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What tasks can a Virtual VetTech do?

By July 22, 2020May 9th, 2023No Comments

You’ve set up your practice, You’ve hired some amazing support staff and your clients always tell you how happy they are-why do you need a Virtual Vet Tech? Great question! I’ve put together a short list of tasks for Virtual VetTech to take on so you and your practice continue to shine.

  • Follow up with your chronic care patients. Dealing with daily medications and a chronic condition that changes quickly can be scary for clients. Virtual VetTechs can follow up with them regularly and make sure they are feeling confident in their knowledge.
  • Prescription food and medication follow-up and education. When you give your client that first bag of food or a medication for treatment, you want to know if their pet is taking it, are there any concerns? A client may have questions about the recommendation and want to try other foods or they can’t figure out how to get their cat to take the pill. We can help with their questions and make sure they are successful and follow your recommendations.
  • Client Education. Whether someone has questions about pricing, how to perform a nail trim or about what a surgery may entail, we can help keep your clients up to date with the information they need to make the best choice for them and their pets.
  • Welcoming new clients and patients to your practice. A wonderful way to introduce your clients to your practice and help them get to know you and get excited that they’ve found you.
  • Celebrating your patient’s birthday. Did you know that many pet owners celebrate their pet’s birthday? That’s because we all love special occasions! We can help you make your patient’s birthday special with a personalized recognition to each patient.

This is a list of tasks that are normally difficult to find time to do regularly. Each one is a way to keep in contact with your clients and let them know you care. This list is a small part of how we can help. Ask me more about how Virtual VetTech can help your practice shine.